What people are saying about wonderkid!

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Wonderkid Junior parcel this quarter. We subscribed for our nearly 6 year old son and he has had so much pleasure from it. The snap game was a hit straight away as was the ice cream and we introduced The Way Back Home as a new bedtime story and it soon became part of the daily routine. The lift flap book has so much information but also raised so many questions and he now regularly asks to see videos on YouTube and was thrilled to go out stargazing when once it would have been cold and boring! The booklet you produced introducing the planets is the current favourite. A month on he is still asking to read the books everyday and becoming more curious about how 'everything' works and is now learning about dwarf planets. Thank you for the time and effort you so obviously put into the selection of the products, it has given us a lot of fun and some very bizarre conversations!"

Mum to Tommy


We don’t know how you do it? Your offerings are amazing! Ariadne’s top items on her Christmas Wish List this year were Robot Dog, Robot I can control by remote control, and Robot. She was super excited and started to sing: “I love robots! I love robots!”Thank you for an AMAZING YEAR! She has been overjoyed every quarter and hasn’t stopped her love of learning and exploring with all her hands-on offerings and books.

Mum to Ariadne


We have just got our dino package! My son cameron (5) absolutely loves it we only have 1 story left to read! Our dino magnets are drying. Such lovely books and so much fun!

Sarah Louise
Mum to Cameron


My boys are having so much fun. This is the best educational subscription I've come across.

Yet Another Blogging Mummy!!



I have to admit, when the big yellow box arrived on our doorstep, even I was a little bit excited to crack it open and see what was inside...Erin loved the theme of the two boxes we received, and all the contents were high quality and engaging. She loved the fact there was a mix of both books and activities, and plenty to keep her entertained over a longer period of time as opposed to something that was over and done with in one fowl swoop.

Mum to Erin (realmumreview.com)


The kids got so excited when the yellow box arrived at the house. There was so much variety in the box! And who knew bugs were so interesting.  

Mum to Eve and Teddy