Our Mission

Why we created WonderKidand WonderKid Junior

Your child's engagement with education and learning is more important now than it has ever been.  It is increasingly difficult to get and keep your child's attention in our media and technology saturated world.  That is why you need the WonderKid™ advantage to excite and enthuse your child to want to learn on their own and to independently enquire into and explore their interests.
Our goal with this educational subscription is to inspire and encourage children to actively explore their curiosity so that they engage in learning and discovery at an early age in the hope that they make their unique contribution to the world.   
We have created WonderKidand WonderKid Junior™ to assist with your children’s engagement with education for effective, long term learning.

We will cover fascinating themes including Robots and Artificial Intelligence, Ancient Greece, the Beginning of Life and Evolution and many, many more.
See our FAQs for further information. 
The problem with modern education, as we see it, is that it has become a "system" which does not allow enough recognition of the uniqueness of people as individuals. Our approach is a much more 'liberal' approach designed to enthuse curious minds as was the original purpose of education or "educare" i.e. to bring up/out that which is already there. 
We hope that children are sufficiently interested to learn for learning's sake and we don't, and won't, prescribe the extent of their curiosity - who knows what creative connections that an open and undogmatic mind could make?  One thing is for sure, and that is that the future belongs to such a mind.