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About WonderKid™ 

WonderKid™ is the BEST educational subscription for children aged 3 - 6 and 7 - 12 respectively.  Every quarter, children receive our unique content in a magazine edition and a selection of high quality carefully curated items including books, games and activities built around a fascinating theme. See full details here: 


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and encourage children to actively explore their curiosity, so that they engage in learning and discovery at an early age. We believe that introducing children to a broad range of ideas and concepts, through science, history, philosophy and literature, allows them to grow and learn as people, and in turn form and cultivate their own ideas, and their intellectual and creative genius; to become WonderKids!  See full details here:


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WonderKid™ wants to work with like minded people who share our passion for sparking children's educational and intellectual curiosity. 

To join our programme just apply via the link below and provide us with links to your blog, website or social media accounts.  If you’re approved as a WonderKid™ Ambassador, you’ll be able to start earning straight away by creating affiliate links and earning commission each time someone subscribes to WonderKid™ via the link from your blog, website or social media channels. 

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